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Welcome to Studievalg København – the regional education and career guidance center in the Copenhagen area.

Who are we

We are an independent institution with professional counselors who can give you qualified guidance on your education and career choice in Denmark. You can ask us about all aspects of the Danish educational system and subsequent career opportunities: What programmes exist, and what are the differences between them? What are the entry requirements? How do I apply?

You are also more than welcome to seek counseling if you don’t know what to choose at all. Our guidance will start you off in the process and we’ll show you ways of choosing – but we won’t choose for you. We apologize that the booking system is in Danish, but you need to make an appointment in advance. Please click on a suitable date and time (there are two to three counselors / vejledere available for booking at a time) and fill in your contact info. You are also welcome to write a few questions so the counselor will know a bit about you in advance. You will then receive an email confirmation as well as a text reminder on the morning of the appointment. Use the guidance center as much as you like.

You are also welcome to call or e-mail us if you are unsure how we can help you the best.

Have your qualifications assessed

You can read more about how to have your foreign qualifications assessed on the Ministry's website.

List of programmes and application deadline

For a full list of Danish education programmes taught in English please see UddannelsesGuiden (the Education Guide).

As an international applicant for further education in Denmark you should always apply by the 15th of March. The application system used by most institutions is entirely digital and can be found at

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