Thinking about quitting your studies?

Have you already quit your higher education in Denmark – or are you just about to?

Studievalg often meet students who wish to change their education programme. We know that once you have decided to make a change, getting to grips with it can be a difficult process. That is why we want to tell you about Studievalg.

Studievalg Denmark offers guidance about the Danish educational system and provides counselling about all higher education programmes in Denmark.
Studievalg’s counsellors offer free personal counselling sessions. You can book an appointment at

Studievalg can help you:

  • Find and make the right choice of an alternative programme
  • Identify the educational options open to you
  • Look at the job opportunities offered by various programmes
  • Determine whether you need to take additional courses

Studievalg’s counsellors are available at several locations in Denmark. Visit to find contact information, booking information and opening hours for each centre.

Continue searching

When looking for a new higher education programme in Denmark, we advise you to use the experience you have already gained. How can you benefit from this in your next study programme? We also encourage you to visit the higher education institutions for example at their open house events or education fairs.

Maybe you prefer to search for your new course on your own. A good idea is to use to find information.

You are always welcome to book an appointment at