kandidatuddannelse i biokemi og molekylær biologi
MSc Programme

Biochemistry and Molecular Biolology

The Master programme in biochemistry and molecular biology is characterised by a large number of electives. Therefore you can specialise by taking elective courses in Denmark or abroad or by conducting a research project in close cooperation with a Company og an organization.


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1 or 2 year
European transfer credits:
60 or 120 ECTS

The first year consists of an experimental core course in advanced protein chemistry and biological mass spectrometry, which can be supplemented with an experimental course in molecular microbiology and/or an experimental course in cloning and characterisation of human proteins.

The second year of the programme is devoted to the master's thesis, a 60 ECTS research project. This may be conducted at one of the laboratories of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, within the areas of proteomics/mass spectrometry, molecular biomedicine or molecular microbiology. The project can also be conducted at another laboratory, e.g. at the Odense University Hospital.

For applicants from Denmark and the Nordic Countries

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For applicants from other countries

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University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Odense.