MA Programme

Cognitive Science

On the programme you will develop a theoretical understanding of the human brain and human cognitive function, and learn how to use this understanding to solve real world problems.


Cognitive Science
2 years
European transfer credits:
120 ECTS

You will learn how to develop your own computational and statistical models of cognitive process; how to analyse large and complex data sets; and how to use experimental tools, including functional brain imaging and eye-tracking technology, to measure human behavior.

You will acquire knowledge, skills, and competences required to work in fields related to human decision making and consumer cognition; in fields related to data analytics; in fields related to information technology development and design; in fields related to human sensation and perception; and in research and development in the cognitive and behavioural sciences.

For applicants from Denmark and the Nordic Countries

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For applicants from other countries

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Aarhus University in Aarhus.